The Seed Project

A student research program to draw the future of African agriculture through technology.
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Our founding pillar

We believe African agriculture will leapfrog the innovation gap and feed the world
Agriculture remains the least
digitized sector...
... while growth in other sectors is
driven by digitalization
...and that local innovative solutions
are created everyday

Our learnings and achievements


Our analysis is based on agricultural value chain studies in 3 countries

Ivory Coast



The 4 access problems

This value-chain analysis led to the identification of 4 main access problems.

The digital solutions

50 start-ups scanned through “BizEval analysis” method from HEC Paris Entrepreneur Center... And a lot more to be scanned in 2019!

Events we participated in

April 2018

HEC Africa Days


In April 2018, HEC Paris hosted the Africa Days, an event organised by the Seed Project that brought together major actors from the food and farming industry to discuss about the African “Green Revolution 2.0”. During this event, we delivered the Seed award of the best African start-up of the year 2018

Click here to watch the video of the conference
Sept 2018

Entreprendre avec l'Afrique


The Seed Project has participated in the 2018 edition of Entreprendre avec l'Afrique. The conference was entiteled "Feed the world, a challenge shared by France and Africa". The Seed Project took part in the first round table : "Produce and distribute together : a challenge for the years to come"

Event details

Our current mission

We are defining the most suitable tool connecting farmers with other actors of their value chain

Our field of study

We are travelling accross West Africa in order to confront our solution to different markets and challenges

We are meeting



We are meeting farmers to design a seamless user experience.


We are meeting processing units, exporters, wholesalers to quantify the added value of such solution.


We are selecting the most relevant entrepreneurs involved in such projects.

The current team Seed 2019


The founding team Seed 2018

Fadel Bennani
HEC Paris
Simo Lemhandez
HEC Paris
Kenza Rkaibi
Imperial College London
Lina Belmaachi
Othman Ayouche
HEC Paris

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